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Hillview Falls
Come and find out if the grass is greener on this side
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15th-Feb-2014 05:12 pm - You Make Me Smile With My Heart
doctor and barbara
Location: Local park
Characters: OTA
Warnings: sloppy kisses and butt grabbing

It seemed that Hillview's park had been struck with cupid's arrow. Little twinkling lights and paper hearts had been strung along the walking paths, and picnics dotted the bare patches of grass. Soft music came from the centre of the park where a small ensemble played for anyone who cared to listen. It all reminded Barbara of the Valentines Dances she attended at home, except that they were outside but the same sorts of people attended. Those with someone to share the day, and those looking for someone to share some time with.

The sun was roughly an hour from setting but already a beautiful pink stripe arched across the sky and light orange dusted the few clouds that hung around. It was going to be a lovely evening for any onlooker's eyes, if nothing else.
16th-Jan-2014 10:41 pm - Adventures with skittles!
i don't like you anymore
Location: Park
Characters: Khan (John) and Sylar (Gabriel)
Warnings: Boys kissing, and...idek maybe more. You were warned.

You know...saying it like that makes you sound like part robot or something. Like the terminator.Collapse )
16th-Jan-2014 10:17 pm - The Vodka Chronicles
the conn
Location: Apartments (specifically Sulu/Chekov's)
Characters: Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov
Warnings: Underaged drinking.

Karushka...are you worried?Collapse )
9th-Jan-2014 05:09 pm - Late Christmas Party Post
The boy with the thorn in his side
Location: Town Square
Characters: Lots, hopefully
Warnings: potential belated Christmas cheer

Christmas has come and gone, by Turlough estimation, with no decorations or lights or cheery music. But is it snowing now, enough to make a picturesque small town but not horrible enough to make walking to the shops or work unbearable. And it is really quite lovely without being too terribly cold. He doesn't miss the memories of Christmas on Earth, stranded at Brendon with only Hippo for company, but the Christmas parties in the Nexus was something he's come to enjoy and even organize. So why should a change of location be any exception?

Turlough was never fond of the cold and winter often made him more depressed than anything, reminding him how far he was from home. It didn't help that Christmas stressed the joys of being with family and friends when for such a long time he had neither. Even now he was missing his brother, knowing Malkon was still waiting for him, and seemed to be in a bad mood more often than not growing steadily frustrated with the town and all it's secrets.

So here was the chance to do something nice for once. Especially for Alonso, The town square was decorated with lights and wreathes. Energy efficient space heaters sat around warming the tables and chairs. A Christmas tree was set up, a few presents set up under it already from guests. A large assortment of food and drinks were set up along a table and it was warm enough just standing near it, keeping the hot food and drinks hot enough.
29th-Dec-2013 09:57 am - I know that we are upside down.
faint smirk
Location: The streets of Hillview and off toward the apartments.
Characters: Gabriel (not the angel), (Senor) Khan
Warnings: Typos. No, nothing. Unless boys smiling at boys disturbs you...and these boys smiling might.

Oh, I'm sure they'll find someone else to create their toys of destruction.Collapse )
19th-Dec-2013 06:24 am - Just another day in Insanity
i get knocked down
Location: The Milk Bar~ for something different.
Characters: Gabriel, Open
Warnings: None as of now

There was surely something to be said about one Peter's bathroom. The apartment, itself, was greatly lacking in any sort of homey feeling. You'd think, with a mother as meddling as his, that it would have an infinite amount of trinkets laying around. Reminders, of who Peter is, was, their family, their loss. Some of that loss was at the very hand that now moved to open the door and wander back out to his friend, a brother? Not by blood, but chance. They had both done wrongs, and it wasn't likely they could ever right them, no matter how desperately Peter tried. It was impossible to save everyone, as sickening of a thought as it was. "You need better hand tow-"

Still, the soft scuff of his feet over tile caused Gabriel to look up. Peter never had tile. Hardwood. It was definitely hardwood. The small hallway made no sense either. For a moment, Gabriel thought it some kind of relapse. Surely. He was trapped again in his mind by some kind of sick joke or some sort of personal defense mechanism. His body's first instinct kicking in against that hunger that would never fully go away. He swallowed, the stomach acid rising for a second until he heard a sound. Metal against glass. Someone.

He turned, walking a little bit faster than he might have normally, eager to find the source of the sound. It wasn't anyone he knew, and it was more than one person. This was not Peter's apartment. Still, this didn't seem like some kind of trick. Anyway, if someone really wanted to mess with 'The Sylar' surely, they wouldn't stick him in an old timey milkshake stop. He'd been to his share of diners but this one...it really kept up it's image. He moved, breathing in and regaining all sense of composure before slowly walking up to the nearest person to make sure he didn't startle them.

It didn't take many attempts to realize these people were, in fact, ignoring him, or he couldn't see him. Maybe they weren't even there. He turned a little, watching them move. He couldn't remember dying, but if he had and someone moved his body, he wouldn't remember. Peter? He looked at his clothes. No sign of blood or a struggle. No lingering sense of 'ouch'. Maybe it was a trick...
7th-Dec-2013 03:32 pm - Is this a dream?
Location: Library
Characters: Blaine, open
Warnings: None


Going into his senior year, Blaine hadn't thought he would have so much coursework. After Dalton, most classes at McKinley were laughable so he had taken Advanced Placement classes as a junior and he hadn't had any trouble. His senior year, though, his courses were almost all Advanced Placement and they required a lot more work than he had expected. After Kurt left for New York, Blaine took to studying in the library more often than the Lima Bean because his boyfriend was no longer around to offer study breaks between customers.

He had been bogged down somewhere around the middle of The Poisonwood Bible when he fell asleep at his table in the school library, but when he woke up he was somewhere else entirely. It was still a library, but it was much nicer and far cleaner than the library at McKinley High School. He blinked for a moment, as if trying to wake himself up back in Ohio, but as the minutes passed he sat up properly and rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing things right. There was a robot putting books back onto the shelves, and another he could see behind the front desk with no workers in sight. The only other people around him were a handful of patrons at computers or reading at tables like himself. His satchel was next to him, and his book and binder were both on the table, but there was nothing else familiar about this place. Gathering his things, he tried approaching a man who was reading at the next table over, but he was completely ignored and that was something he wasn't used to.

He wandered towards the doors, trying to get the attention of anyone who would look at him so he could find out where he was, but no one would.
7th-Dec-2013 02:15 am - Numa numa ay~
Location: Outside of the library.
Characters: Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu, open
Warnings: Potential bad words in Russian?

His day had been fairly normal, he'd checked himself over in the mirror and had made his way up the lifts to enter the bridge before his shift. It was like any other day other than his command shirt now held an extra ribbon on it. Only, it didn't seem to be his destiny to do that. Instead, when he walked out of the door he found himself stumbling down a set of stairs and blinded by light that definitely wasn't artificial.

"Chto za huy..." He caught himself, staring before looking back at the door. Sure, he'd probably had dreams like this, but nothing quite like this. He turned and rushed up the stairs, opening the door and moving through before staring around, suddenly several pairs of eyes on him then all suddenly looking away. He swallowed, mumbling an apology before stepping down and back outside and to the street.
I'm a super power and I'm a handy man
Location: Community Rec Center
Characters: All!
Warnings: None, so far

Elton's throwing a Halloween party! Because he's a bit new in town, he figured this was a good way to meet some people. He's rented out the rec center and decorated it appropriately and made sure there are lots and lots of themed refreshments.

No admittance without a costume! Elton is dressed as a pirate. Arrr, matey.
25th-Oct-2013 01:29 am(no subject)
Tell me what you need.
Location: Diner
Characters: Castiel, open
Warnings: none? unless whoever joins him has a potty mouth or something.

This place seemed very strange. It seemed like the sort of place that would appear on television, yet, Castiel was walking through it. It hardly felt like the alternate reality Gabriel, his brother, had created. It wasn't anything like the cartoon realm of the old man's mind. He could rationalize that someone had used a sigil and sent him away, but he sort of needed to know where he was exactly.

No one seemed interested in helping him. So, after asking what felt like the hundredth person, Castiel wandered into the diner, exhaling heavily in a purely human way. He gave a quick look around before deciding against trying anyone new. He needed to collect his thoughts, he needed a phone. Something. This place was highly strange, and he had no idea what was happening. Maybe this was what happened when the gates of hell were closed...maybe the brothers had won while he wasn't looking? He found a seat, a little away from everyone and sat, looking out the window for a moment.

((Castiel doesn't have a tag? 8D;))
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